Chicken Salad

This chicken salad is a quick and dirty recipe that stands out for flavor. The chicken prep is key. Note that you can substitute or omit ingredients if you are out of one.

This salad is for a quick lunch, having cooked meat, where the cooking process involves only boiling water.

The chicken should be especially boiled for salad and carefully seasoned while boiling.

Put the chicken into a kettle of boiling water, add a chopped onion. Then add a tablespoonful of chopped carrot, two bay leaves, and a teaspoonful of whole pepper-corns. Finally, add a half teaspoonful of celery seed.

Allow the chicken to boil rapidly for five minutes, then put it on the back part of the stove, where the water will be kept at 180 degrees Farenheit until the chicken is tender. This will make the dark meat as white as the white meat.

Remove the chicken, and when cold, take the flesh in large pieces, from the bones, rejecting all fat and skin. Cut the meat into dice, measure it. Then cut it into the same sized pieces, with sufficient celery and scallions to make two thirds the quantity.

If the salad is not to be served immediately, keep the chicken, scallions and celery apart until serving time. Sprinkle a tablespoonful of lemon juice over the chicken before standing it away.

Prepare the salad in a bowl using lettuce, tomato and cucmbers; or your choice of vegetables. Cut and mix to prepference.

Make a good stiff mayonnaise dressing or use you own dressing: Add whipped or sour cream or use plain, as preferred.

At serving time garnish the salad bowl with lettuce leaves. Mix the chicken and celery together.

To each quart add a teaspoonful of salt, a half teaspoonful of pepper, and sufficient mayonnaise dressing or other dressing to cover every piece.

Mix the dressing thoroughly and turn it into the salad bowl. Garnish the center with the hearts of the lettuce or other pulp and sprinkle over a tablespoonful of capers which have been drained dry. Garnish with olives and celery tips.

This is super delicious, good nutrition and low carbohydrate. Add coconut oil to increase the fat content. The more dressing and sour cream you use, the more carbs though, so watch out.

See the recipe for Mayonnaise dressing here. Stay away from sugars in any cream based toppings, and this is a fine ketogenic meal.


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