Indian Pickle

To make Indian Pickle.

Take a pound of ginger, let it lay in salt and water for a night, and cut it in thin slices.

Then put it in a bowl with dry salt, and let it stand till the rest of the ingredients are ready.

Take a pound of garlick peeled, and cut in pieces, salt it, and let it stand three days, then wash and dry it in the sun on a sieve.

Take cabbages and cut them in quarters, and salt them for three days; then squeeze out all the water, and set them two days in the sun.

So do cellery and colliflowers, cut the cellery as far as the white is good, but not through the stalks.

French beans and asparagus lay only two days, then boil them up in salt and water, and do them as the others.

Take some long pepper and salt, dry it in the sun, a quarter of a pound of mustard seed, and an ounce of turmerick bruised fine, put all the above ingredients into a stone jar, with a quart of the strongest, and three quarts of small vinegar;

Fill your jar three quarters full, and look at it in a fortnight, and if occasion, fill it up again.

You may do cucumbers, melons, plumbs, apples, carrots, or any thing of this sort; you need never empty the jar, but as things come in season put them in, being all first dried in the sun;

Keep it filled up with vinegar or fresh pickle.

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